Various Excavation Equipment used for Earthmoving

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Excavation Equipment is a type of heavy machinery, or heavy-duty vehicles, that are designed for use in construction jobs, usually jobs involving excavation. Excavators, Skid Steer Loader and the like are specialized equipment that should be handled by highly qualified and experienced operators.

It is recommended that a professional earthmoving company be hired to carry out excavation work, whether big or small. JAD Earthmoving has had many years of experience in excavation work. The company provides the appropriate equipment and machinery to carry out earthmoving jobs efficiently and safely. The company also employs highly skilled operators and follows strict procedures to ensure safety.

JAD Earthmoving offers a range of excavation services, including bulk excavations, and fill and compaction demolition. The company uses modern and reliable heavy equipment to carry out earthmoving jobs, whether commercial or residential. Earthmoving equipment offers various excavators ranging from 15-34 tonnes; drotts; Skid Steer Loader; tippers; and various attachments.


An excavator comprises a boom, stick, bucket and cab on a rotating platform. The cab, also known as the house, is placed on top of an undercarriage with tracks or wheels. Also called diggers, excavators are used in various ways including the digging of holes and trenches; material handling; demolition; river dredging, and more.

Skid Steer Loader

Skid Steer Loader is the brand name of the farm and construction equipment manufactured by the company of the same name. The equipment includes skid-steer loaders, compact excavators, compact tractors and other small hydraulic machinery.

Tip Trucks/Tippers

A tip truck or tipper is basically a dump truck. It is used to transport sand, gravel and other loose material for construction. The truck features a hydraulically operated open-box bed that can be raised at the front end to allow the load to be released by gravity.


The company’s heavy equipment uses various attachments, including rock grapple and rock breakers, pendulum borers, and augers. The attachments are designed for specific applications to enhance the productivity of excavators and other heavy equipment. Augers are used to dig post holes. Augers are designed to drill through dirt, clay, cement and even the toughest surfaces. A rock grapple is used to move volumes of loose material swiftly and efficiently. A rock breaker is used to handle large rocks, with the ability to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks.

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Excavation work will require the use of heavy equipment, so it is more practical to hire a professional earthmoving company to take care of your excavation needs. By hiring a professional, you will be saved from purchasing expensive heavy equipment and from looking for people who are qualified to operate such equipment.