Understanding Terms and Conditions for Earthmoving Equipment Hire

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Whenever we hire or rent something, whether it is a simple machine or heavy equipment such as an earthmoving machine, the terms and conditions are amongst the most important things to which we should be paying attention.

People often ignore items such as terms and conditions, but this is a very risky thing to do. Not understanding the terms and conditions for a B

obcat hire could result in bigger costs and charges for you. You would then be shocked at how the company arrived at the final charges.

Read and Ask

It is always best to understand what the earthmoving equipment company has detailed in its terms of conditions for the rental. Just like dealing with a contract, take time to read and understand the terms that you will be agreeing to.

There should be clauses covering how they are counting the hours or duration of rental. Make sure that you only hire the equipment at the time that you will actually be using it. Typically, the company will start charging for the equipment once it has been transferred to you.

It would help to discuss the terms and conditions with the company, especially if there are vague clauses or if there are terms that you do not fully understand. This way, you are sure about all the minor details that are included in the terms and conditions.


One of the items where you can practice cost efficiency is in fuel. Typically, the machine will be filled with fuel before you rent it. Before returning the earthmoving machine back to the company, it would be wise to fill it up to that level again. If not, you could be charged a higher price for the fuel.

Know the Condition of the Machine

Before taking an earthmoving machine from the company, be sure to check the condition of the machine first. The company should be providing details about the condition of the equipment, stating any parts that may be old or damaged.

Checking the condition of the machine will protect you from potential disputes or disagreements with the equipment rental company. The rental company will not be blaming you or charging you for any damage that may have been pre-existing.

Before hiring an earthmoving machine, be sure to check all other details found in the terms and conditions. This could save you much trouble and money when the time comes for you to return the equipment to the company. For the best earthmoving equipment for hire, please call us on 07 3366 4172.