Residential Site Preparation

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Before a house is built, certain preparatory work has to be done first. Site Preparation is included in the tasks that need to be performed prior to construction. Site preparation is an essential part of a residential construction project.

In site preparation, the ground is cleared and readied for building the foundation of the house. Certain things have to be considered during residential site preparation.

Things to Consider

Site preparation is essential for making sure that the house will have sound foundations. Depending on the plan, the ground will be cleared of any vegetation that may be in the way of the construction. The land has to be levelled as well if the site is a sloping terrain, or the plan may be to follow the contours by doing multiple levels across the slopes.

Land clearing may not only involve removal of trees on the site, but may also include removal of any tree stumps left over from tree felling.

During site preparation for a residential building, the area should be checked and analysed in terms of soil type to see if it is good enough to hold the building’s foundations. The water tables are also analysed and the drainage system must be sealed before any construction is started. Utility lines that will be installed must also be determined beforehand.

Other aspects such as environmental compliance and other government regulations must be taken into consideration to avoid any delays or stoppage of the project.

Why Hire a Professional

Residential site preparation is no simple matter that can be done by someone inexperienced. Site preparation involves the use of huge earthmoving machines to dig earth, remove rocks, boulders and any other debris such as tree trunks. The equipment used in land clearing and excavation work can only be operated by a skilled professional.

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JAD Earthmoving also employs highly skilled personnel who are qualified to operate the types of machines used in earthmoving and land clearing for site preparation.

Hiring non-professionals to run the earthmoving equipment could be disastrous as they are very complex machines to operate. The operators must not only know how to operate the machine, they must also be experienced in different scenarios of site preparation.

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