Proper Instruction to Operate is an Absolute Must

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You may not be aware of the skill that is required to operate and maintain an earthmoving machine such as a Skid Steer Loader, drott, tipper, or excavator.

You cannot just get into a machine such as these and manoeuvre it without the proper practical instruction necessary to obtain an operator’s licence.

Whilst a course may only last from a few days to a week, the theory covered is vast. To then obtain the appropriate licence a prospective operator will be assessed in practical performance, theory and written practical abilities.

To become a skilled operator you must understand the importance of maintaining the proper workplace health and safety standards, pre-operational and post-operational checks, thorough completion of log books after a job is completed, and possess the ability to identify hazards that may occur during a particular job.

A firm knowledge of the road rules is also essential so as to avoid incidents with motorists on the roads, and other operators and machinery on a worksite.

There is No Substitute for Experience

Having experience is true in many industries. You can study and learn all the theory there is but until you are actually working “on the tools” you have relatively little knowledge of heavy machinery.

Whilst DJ Deal offer the most affordable commercial plant hire available they will constantly deliver as all the operators possess many years’ experience in the industry and understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time with little mishap and maximum satisfaction to their clients.

All aspects of earthmoving are covered such as civil earthworks, industrial and commercial site preparation, foundation piers and residential site preparation.

Qualified in more than just Earthmoving

The Directors of DJ Deal, John and Joel Deal, possess in excess of 35 years’ experience between them in the earthmoving industry.

But more than that they possess the credentials of Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management), Registered Builder Lisc No; 1017422 and Demolition DM2 Cert 2133672 to provide the established skills to get any job done.

The supervisory experience in all manner of civil earthworks, from large commercial developments to smaller industrial units puts them at the top of the list of many project managers as there is no need for them to purchase any expensive equipment themselves and they know they are employing qualified operators who are skilled in civil earthworks, earthmoving, site preparation, foundation piers and demolition.