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Pool ownership is an essential part of staying comfortable outdoors during the hot Queensland summer. A well-designed and landscaped pool area usually incorporates an outdoor entertaining area with plenty of shady places to relax and watch the water frolics. It brings family and friends together in an atmosphere of fun and the obligatory barbeque close by completes an idyllic picture of healthy, outdoor activity.

However, creating this backyard oasis is no job for amateurs. There are many things that need to be considered and the construction of the whole project must be done professionally to avoid expensive problems later. Soil testing, issues of access, especially if the pool area is small or the access path narrow, the challenges of working on sloping ground and avoiding trees and fences are all part of constructing a pool.

Start the Project with Reliable Hire Equipment

Getting the right earthmoving equipment for the job gets the whole project off to a flying start, and JAD Earthmoving have the experience and the trained professional operators to excavate even the most difficult sites. Hiring equipment for major earthworks or a job like digging a swimming pool is a cost effective way of getting a professional result.

Sometimes all that is needed is a budget excavator hire to get the project under way, especially if the soil is soft. Rocky ground is a more difficult proposition and usually requires a larger, more powerful machine. It will also take more time, and can cause delays if the project is running to a tight timeframe.

Experienced Professional Operators Get the Job Done

Digging the pool is only the start of the exercise, and if the finished pool is to be shaped it requires an expert operator to manipulate the machine, especially if the working space is small. Care is also required to prevent damage to fences and existing gardens and trees, so even though the machines do the physical work, there is a lot of skill involved in their operation.

Once the hole for the pool is completed, the other contractors move in, laying the piping and performing pressure, water flow and leaks testing. The excavating machinery is again required to backfill the trenches so the pool contractors can finish the job, and to remove any excess soil.

The equipment used by JAD Earthmoving is modern, well maintained and reliable, and their operators are well trained in the use of any relevant safety equipment and practices. Their reputation for reliability and service has been hard earned, and they can be trusted to complete a pool excavation on time and in budget.