Cost Effective Compaction and Demolition Equipment from DJ Deal

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One of the major concerns of every construction project manager is the cost of construction and the means by which those costs can be cut or minimised. Project managers often rely on excavator hire to take care of some construction tasks that require heavy equipment for proper implementation. DJ Deal offers construction project owners and managers a cost effective way of accomplishingearthmoving works in the construction site through its equipment rental service.

DJ Deal, which was formed in 1972, started going into plant hire in 1976 to service construction firms in the earthmoving aspects of construction. The company’s roster of equipment includes excavators, compactors, Skid Steer Loader, rock grapples and rock breakers, tippers, pendulum borers and augers. Constructions reap the benefit of getting only the best equipment quality as well as excellent service from DJ Deal. The company can provide a broad range of attachments to come up with the best results for any earthmoving jobs. The company draws from Director John Deal’s more than 35 years of experience in the business to develop service that the construction industry demands.

Equipment rental is highly advantageous to every construction as the overall costs are lowered significantly when the service is delegated to another contractor. In equipment rental for compaction and demolition work in a construction site, the equipment is rented along with the operator who will be performing the work. The cost of the plant hire includes the fee for the operator so the construction company needs not bother hiring a professional to operate the machine. The fee charged is usually on a per hour basis and depends on the machine and expertise that will be used.

DJ Deal’s knowledge and experience in the business helps it bring the right service to construction. The company promises reliability in service, providing experienced machine operators to avoid mistakes and mishaps in the workplace. The company also abides fully with workplace health and safety standards set by the government, so project managers are assured that the job will be done with minimal or no problems at all.

DJ Deal specialises in all sorts of plant hire, from civil earthworks to industrial and commercial site preparation. The company is able to handle projects no matter how big or small. Aside from compaction and demolition, DJ Deal’s scope covers all types of earthworks, such as bulk excavations, excavation, cuts and fills. The company also specialises in earthmoving projects in difficult sites.